TREAT ME - Hydrate your winter blues

As we are coming to the end of winter and soon approaching spring, read on to find out how to hydrate, strengthen and thicken your hair.

Here at Gilded Hair we have many treatments specialising in different hair conditions.Our Kevin Murphy TREAT.ME’S are high performing conditioning treatments that give any hair a new lease of life and a boost like no other.



It contains sugar cane extracts, repairing vitamins and fruit acids.

These create elasticity and smoothness helping give you naturally smooth, sleek hair that can be maintained.


It contains vegetable proteins found in plant oils, butters and extracts.

Amino acids form long lasting proteins restoring strength and elasticity and the soy proteins bond moisture to the hair... vegetable proteins have a similar structure to the hair as they are absorbed easily for strength and radiant results.

These work as a catalyst to boost performance!


It contains fruit stem cells which reside in the hair bulb, these lengthen the life cycle of the hair stimulate the scalp which improves growth.

It also contains sugar cane extracts, repairing vitamins and fruit extracts, the thickening contains nettle extracts for scalp health and stimulation.

Moringa seed oils that contain 8 essential amino acids and vitamins.

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