Gilded Hair graduates with style

In July 2019 Joanne graduated in her Kevin Murphy Session Salon Course, here are the official photo’s. @marnie.xo you were the most amazing model!! Joanne is an educator for @kevinmurphyuk and found this course nothing but amazing! Learning so much from the stylists around her on this course, bringing together hair happiness, skills and techniques... in Joanne’s words “ What an amazing educational experience this has been, working with like minded stylists, sharing skills and knowledge, bought together by the most amazing brand ever, the session salon education program is for all levels of expertise. I am so proud to have taken part and even prouder to be an educator...”

@kevinmurphyuk @gildedhair @carolinekells_km @jesse.kevinmurphy @donna_kevin_murphy @tomkevinmurphy massive thanks to @nataliemartinsactress for these awesome pictures

Our awesome stylist Antonia @antonia__joy bought nothing but joy to the Kevin Murphy session salon education program, sharing her passion and creativity, as a newbie to the Kevin Murphy brand this program has given Antonia confidence in her own abilities whilst sharing brand knowledge and new skills for Antonia to continuously develop her own skill set.

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